Product information

SKS Kraftsalg AS offers a variety of electricity products. Here you will find information about our different products.

  • Spot Price

Follows the Nordic market price on electric power
You pay the same price as the market price + a fixed margin
We have two different spot products available

  • Fixed price

With fixed price, you are guaranteed the same price during the agreed period, regardless of market fluctuations. SKS offers fixed price agreements for one, two, three and five years.

Choosing fixed price, you will always know how much you are paying for your electricity.

Fixed price agreements can not be cancelled or changed during the agreed term.

Within 4 weeks of the contracts end, we will send you an offer of renewal. If the renewal offer is not accepted, you will automatically receive Monthly price when the contract ends.

We reserve the right to price regulation on all products due to public tax, add on tariffs and other fundamental changes in the end-consumer market.

Grid rental charges to your local grid are additional

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